Guiding groups and organizations to seek innovative and divergent solutions found within their members.
Innersee is an organization development and change management consulting firm that focuses on Employee Experience, Team and Group Development, Leadership, Culture Transformation, and Organizational Transition.

Our work is influenced by a diverse theoretical foundation and utilizes participant driven interactive experiential programming. InnerSee offers a range of published assessment and intervention tools to be utilized based on individual client needs and goals. Our consulting services and programs cover a wide range of content from our areas of focus, allowing our clients to experience custom designed interventions to meet the needs of the individual, the group or team, and the organization.

InnerSee is committed to building a more empathetic, cooperative and peaceful world by fostering reflection, awareness, and commitment to purposeful action in individuals, teams and organizations. We facilitate growth and development through exploration of the self and others, empowering our clients to become more aware, empathetic, cooperative, and purposeful.

Meet our team

Ashley Davis-Annett – Director of Business Development and Sales
Ashley has been working in the leadership development field for over a decade. She holds an MA in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University and a BSc in Applied Human Sciences from Brock University. She is also certified in the Human Synergistics suite of tools; LifeStyles Inventory™, Leadership Workstyles™, Group WorkStyles Inventory™, Organizational Culture Inventory™ and Leadership Impact™ and Management Impact™.

Her masters thesis focused on employee engagement specifically in relation to mergers and acquisitions. Ashley has been working with InnerSee as a consultant for over a decade in addition to supporting its business development for the past five years.

Building from her experience in other organizations, she adeptly applies her academic background in leadership development, team dynamics, and human systems interventions. Coupled with her extensive hands-on knowledge of InnerSee approaches and services, Ashley is focused on client centred approaches to meeting needs and providing relevant deliverables.

Kathy Kaye – Director of Program Development and Coaching
For the past 12 years, Kathy has been delivering experiential based programs to a wide range of groups in the Corporate arena. She is a Certified Professional CoActive Coach, trained through the Coaches Training Institute and has an Associate Accredited Coach designation with the International Coaches Federation.

In addition to her coaching credentials, she is certified in a number of psychometrically valid and reliable assessment tools. She is certified in TotalSDI® – used for relationship awareness, conflict resolution and personal strengths identification. She is also certified in the Human Synergistics suite of tools; LifeStyles Inventory™, Leadership Workstyles™, Group WorkStyles Inventory™, Organizational Culture Inventory™ and Leadership Impact™ and Management Impact™. Her approach to delivering team effectiveness programs provides the space for insightful conversations that deepen learning and create action plans while having fun along the way.

Kathy obtained an MSc from the University of Guelph in Rural Planning and Development which led her to work with a variety of non-profit and government organizations on community development projects focused on youth, health, housing and community enhancement. She also worked overseas studying housing projects in India and Zimbabwe, taught English in Korea and trained students in TESOL techniques. These diverse experiences have enhanced her role as facilitator and trainer.

Josh Edmondstone – Director of Operations
Josh Edmondstone has been creating experiences for teams and groups from various industries for the past 8 years. He is currently pursuing a Master’s in Human Systems Intervention from Concordia University where he studies group dynamics and various change processes. Learning how individuals, teams and human systems function, learn, and most importantly, change, has enabled Josh to design and facilitate several team and group development programs. Josh currently holds a BA in Recreation & Leisure from the University of Waterloo. He has experience designing, implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of programs in a variety of industries, including Outdoor Recreation, Event Management, Travel, and Education.

He has managed several successful multi-site, multi-day events, overseeing 100+ staff who were responsible for delivering the experience to the client. Working in a variety of fast-paced environments, Josh has developed the ability to make quick decisions and learned to expect, and appreciate, the unexpected, especially when working with people. This allows him to maintain a high standard of professionalism and generate client focused solutions in all situations.

Donna Mitchell – President of Innersee
Donna is a Registered Nurse who has been operating Head to Toe Health, a health and wellness business for 20 years assisting clients obtain and maintain optimal wellness through Biofeedback, Homeopathics, Supplements, Young Living Essential Oils, and Advanced Foot Care services.

Donna is a Practitioner of Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy. She also received her certificate of Health and Safety from Conestoga College and has 15 years experience as a Health and Safety Coordinator in manufacturing and construction industries.

Purchasing Innersee in 2017, Donna’s goal was to improve employee health and wellness by optimizing their work experience. Happy and engaged employees will result in increased productivity, improved employee retention and a work force that feels heard and valued in their workplace.

Donna has been certified by Human Synergystics in Group Workstyles Inventory™, Organizational Culture Inventory™, Lifestyles Inventory™, Leadership Workstyles™ and Leadership Impact™ and Management Impact™.


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